We Create Reality.

Immersive Tech.


The 360° experience consists of pre-filmed content from real life events. As the name reveals – these immersive videos are presented as a full replica of reality, viewed in every possible angle. 360° gives the user a chance to visit happenings they missed out on.


VR offers the user an experience of a fully simulated world with artificial recreations of environments. Beyond that, the user is able to interact with the virtual content. This explains why the VR experience is often referred to as immersive. VR makes your imagination go vivid – you create reality.


In augmented reality digital features is applied on top of the existing environment. It is an integration between digital information and real life environment. Pokémon GO, Zombie GO and Real Strike all belongs to the AR family.


Mixed reality is often referred to as a fusion of VR and AR. In MR, not only is the synthetic content fully established with reality, the two components are even able to interact with each other in real time. As an example – MR makes it possible to furnish your real world home with synthetic furniture.

About Windfall.

We want people to experience the mesmerizing virtual reality. Today VR is becoming a part of people’s everyday lives. Therefore, it is a great advantage for all brands to start establishing themselves within VR. By careful study of leading edge technology our mission is to favour brands with the latest within immersive tech. We always push our products to the outmost limit since we strongly believe that VR of high quality makes the experience even more ravishing.


Imagine stepping into a world you never thought you would be able to take part of. You could be in the middle of a trenchant game arena or visiting a foreign country. Now, imagine doing this in your own living room. Immersive tech gives you an opportunity to experience places all over the world, even places you create yourself. Our entertainment agency creates both games and interactive videos. We are currently developing a high-end VR game, a mobile AR game and a TV series in VR. In our varied mix of games and videos we offer not only pure entertainment but also challenging experiences. We want our users to experience something beyond the usual. And a VR experience is to say the least, enchanting.


Our studio agency creates PR, marketing and business development within all immersive tech platforms. Our purpose is to monitor our clients throughout the whole process and provide them with a full service package. From the very first beginning – building an action plan – to production and dispensation. We are convinced that brand value is built by a perfect mix of these factors. We put high effort in understanding the business of every client, and from that point of view we tailor a creative solution. In one case a TV-series is the answer, in another case a game. Our mission is to provide our clients with an immersive tech solution that makes their brand stand out.

Our values.

Exquisite quality – We put high effort into the graphics of our products since we believe that high quality graphics makes the VR experience even more ravishing.

State of the art technology – Since our mission is to favour brands with the latest within immersive tech we are constantly looking for new innovations within VR and we always push our products to the outmost limit.

Ethics – Windfall has a strong ethical moral and only take on projects and partners that are in tune with our values.

VR-experiences under development.

The future of e-commerce in VR/AR

Retail is undergoing the biggest change since the introduction of department stores, and Windfall aims to take the lead in the future of Virtual Reality e-commerce.

AuraiXR is an innovative new e-commerce system that we are developing for the up- and coming market, using immersive technologies, which allows the customer to feel safe and in control of their purchase, while still being streamlined and efficient.

In addition to AuraiXR, Windfall is developing a system where you can create a Virtual Avatar to store your preferences, payment options, sizes, and everything else you need for the perfect shopping experience in online shops everywhere.

AuraiXR combined with the Virtual Avatar technology not only allow stores to use targeted ads in immersive experiences, but also lets them tailor the entire shopping experience to each customer’s needs.



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Team photos by Linda Djapo.